Friday, May 31, 2013

103. Ujjala Majumdar (1914-1992)

Ujjala was born in Dhaka. She was extraordinary courageous girl. She believed in armed struggle for freedom movement and joined in Bengal Volunteers in 1930.She along with Manoranjan Banerjee, Bhavani Bhattacharya, and Rabi Roy went to Darjeeling for assassination of the tyrannical Governor Anderson. They took a revolver inside the box of a harmonium. The Governor came to witness the horse race in Lebong Race ground on 8th May, 1934. Bhavani Bhattacharya and Rabi Roy tried to assassinate the Governor but failed. The police tried to arrest Ujjala from Siliguri train but was not successful.Lastly they arrested her from the house of Sovarani Datta, a member of the Bhawanipur Jugantar Dal.In the trial she got a punishment of 20years RI which was decreased by 6 years after appeal petition in the high court. At the initiative of Gandhiji she was released in 1939 from Dhaka jail.As a security measure she was kept in Presidency jail in the August movement of 1942.She was released on Feb 1946. After being free  she with her associates formed Forward Bloc. She went to Noakhali for relief work in riot affected people. She joined Socialist Republican Party of Sarat Chandra Bose.She devoted herself in the service of "Palli Niketan", a social organisation of Barasat founded by her.
She was married with the litterateur and revolutionary Bhupendra Kishore Rakshit.Roy.

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