Monday, August 19, 2013

Nazrul greeted in different places

When gNazrul was staying at 8/1, Panbagan Lane, he wrote to the Poet Abdul Kadir, on 2.1.29 ;
".... so long I have been deprived by my publishers , now I am enlightened. I am thinking of paying back their own coin...."

At the beginning of January, 1929, came back to Calcutta from Thakurgaon of Dinajpur district and then went to Chittagang. In Chittagang, he stayed in the house of Bahar Nahar. Begam Shyamsunnahar Mahmood wrote in her book, "Nazrul-ke Yaman dekhechi", said,
"We have the opportunity to get Nazrul twice in our house. ..."

so long he stayed in Chittagang, he made it be full of joy and merrymaking. 

( seabeach of Kattali)
         There is a village named Kattali near Chittagang. A mammoth  meeting was held on 11th Jan 1929, Friday, organised by Union Club of Kattali to felicitate Nazrul. A large number of people, both Hindus and Muslims joined the meeting. Maulana Ajijur Rahman, ex-superintendent of Darul Ulum Madrasa and founder of Islamabad Press the first printing press established by a muslim of Chittagang. a resolution was adopted in the meeting in the following lines;
This time in Chittagang he constructed his famous kabya grantha " Batayan pashe gubak tarur sari", and Sampaner Gaan".
Then Nazrul went to the birth place of his intimate friend Muzaffar Ahmed in Sadwip. The Abdul Moktadi and Salimullah took him to Sandwip.

In the field of local Kargil High school, Sandwip, Nazrul was given a receptipon. In the meetin, Muhammad Oaliullah read the felicitation paper on behalf of the residents.
In reply to the welcome address the poet talked high of the residents of Sandwip and described the beauties  of Sndwip.He also sung the songs, "Chal, Chal, Chal," Durgama giri kantara Maru", Chashi Dhar kashe langal", etc. and recited the poem "bidrohi".
The poet passed one night there and on the next morning, he went to the house of Muzaffar Ahmaed and stayed there for two days.  

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