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8. Atul Prasad Sen ( 20.10.1871 - 26.8.1934)

Atulprasad Sen's family hailed from the village Magor in South Bikrampur, Faridpur. He was born in his maternal uncle's house in Dhaka (as was the custom at that time). His father died when he was a toddler. Atulprasad was raised by his maternal grandfather Kalinarayan Gupta, who initiated him in music and devotional songs.
In 1890, Atulprasad passed the Entrance examination. Next, he studied at Presidency College in Kolkata, and then went to London to study law. After successfully becoming a lawyer, he returned to Bengal, and opened up a law practice in Rangpur and Kolkata. Later he moved to Lucknow, where he became the president of the Oudh Bar Association and the Oudh Bar Council.

Atulprasad Sen (Bengali: অতুলপ্রসাদ সেন) (20 October 1871 – 26 August 1934) was an Bengali composer, lyricist and singer.patriotism, devotion and love. The sufferings he experienced in his life found their ways into his lyrics; and this has made his songs full of pathos.
 He is principally remembered as a musician and composer. His songs centred around three broad subjects-
Atulprasad is credited with introducing the Thumri style in Bengali music. He also pioneered Ghazal's in Bengali, composing about 6 or 7 ghazals
( Atul Prasad's House at Lucknau)
Relation with Rabindranath:
Though Atul Prasad was younger by 10 years to Rabindranath, they had strong friendship. They often met each other as and when possible. 
(At that time another guest came to Ramgarh - he was poet Atul Prasad Sen.
At the 70th birth anniversary held at Delhi, Atul Prasad Sen, in his presidential address, said in his memoir;
"He invited me to stay with him at Ramgarh for some days. I came hurriedly from Lucknau to Ramgarh. One day there was heavy rain which contiued late in the night. We had an assembly of rainy season on that day. From afternoon till at 10 o'clock at night, the poet (Rabindranath) recited poems  wwritten by him one after another and  sung many songs of rainy season. I couldn't forget that day.At about eight in the night our dinner was made ready. That daughter and daughter -in-law of the poet was  waiting at the door. But neither the poet nor any of us could take notice of them. In that sitting Rabindranath requested me  - " Atul, will you please sing a  Hindi song of your locality. I sung  - " Maharaja keoriya kholo, rasaki bund pare". It was a timely song, ans every body liked it.The poet accompanied me in the song. Even the song touched Andrews who was ignorant  of the song. He accompanied me loudly with his strange pronunciation and wrong tuned voice"

A road in Lucknau was earmarked by his name during his lifetime, which was an exception.
He constructed more than 200 songs of which " Uthogo Bharata Lakshmi", "Bala bala sabe", "Hao dhara metebir"  are worth mentioning.
He was one of the founder of "Prabasi Banga Sahitya Sammelan". He was one of the Chief editors of the mouth piece of the organisation, "Uttara". He presided over the Kanpur and Gorakhpur Conference of the organisation. He was at first a follower of Congress but later he took the path of liberals.

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