Saturday, June 28, 2014

554. Mahinder Singh , 555. Mahim Chandra Dasgupta (1882-1938)

Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu sent some of the revolutionaries from Indian Independence League to India to organise revolution within India on 13th March, 1942. Almost all of them was caught by the police and many of them were hanged till death.
On 10th Sept 1943, Mahinder Singh along with Tribankur Abdul kader, Satyendra Chandra bardhan,S.A.Anand, Fauza Singh were hanged in Madras Penitentiary.
Dr. Pabitra Sarkar, Amrita Singh, and their associates Haridas Mitra and Jyotish Chandra Basu were ordered to be hanged but by the intervention of Gandhiji they were released without any punishment by the interim Government.

Mahim Chandra Dasgupta was born in Noakhali.He was a physician.Being inspired by Gandhiji he joined Congress He took an exceptional role in Non-cooperation movement in 1921.He was secretary of Chittagong Congress Committee at that time. He was an assistant of Jatindramohan Sengupta to organise trade union.Inspite of all opposition it was only because of him, Surya Sen became the secretary of Chittagong Congress in 1928.He gave shelter to the revolutionaries of Chittagong Armoury Raid. For this he and the members of his family had to suffer from police harassment.

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